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For nio Dominik Krohm focused on classic architecture.


Born in Berlin in 1971, Dominik Krohm studied architecture and urban planning in Aachen and Potsdam, before working for Wank Adams Slavin Associates in New York, where he gained initial experience in large-scale projects in an international context.

In 2003, he joined Klaus Theo Brenner – Stadtarchitektur, where he has been a managing partner along with Klaus Theo Brenner since 2014. He carries out projects from the initial urban-development idea to completion of the actual structure. In addition to his work at the architectural firm, he lectured at the Potsdam School of Architecture from 2009 to 2012, and continues to be active there as an expert even today. He serves as a consultant for the National Museums in Berlin.



Berlin-based architectural firm Klaus Theo Brenner – Stadtarchitektur strives to develop classic, sophisticated concepts of urban architecture displaying strong and unmistakable ties to their respective locations. Having completed a number of architectural and town-planning projects in Germany and Italy, Prof. Klaus Theo Brenner and Dominik Krohm are among the most reputable architectural firms of our time.

As a partnership, the firm specialises in urban architecture, with the aim of developing smart concepts which are realistic in terms of planning, organisation and implementation. Its range of professional services both within Germany and abroad is enhanced with presentations, exhibitions and stints as judges and advisors for municipal policies.


The buildings designed by Klaus Theo Brenner – Stadtarchitektur represent more
than just good, timeless architecture.


Open and space-saving designs create individual living quality.


The penthouses offer spacious living with sweeping, a stunning view.


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